Installing the module is no different from any other Joomla! package. Go to the My Downloads Page; you’ll find there a file called, which contains the core Joomla 3-compatible module files. Download this file.

Head over to the Joomla Administration and go to Extensions -> Manage -> Install. Now you can drag&drop and Joomla will do the rest.


Additional settings

Image placeholder

You can add an image you'd like to show before the video is loaded or on mobile phones/tablets if you select you don't want play video on those devices. 

Extensions -> Modules -> Web7 Video -> Settings

Cut video

You can cut your video from both ends. Select how many seconds you want to skip from the start and how much earlier you want your video to end. 

Extensions -> Modules -> Web7 Video -> Settings


In case your video is too bright or too dark and your text isn't visible enough, you can add an overlay, choose its color and opacity.

Extensions -> Modules -> Web7 Video -> Overlay

Video controls

As a default, controls are on and shown on hover (cursor is in the video). You can change it so controls are always visible or you can hide them.

Extensions -> Modules -> Web7 Video -> Controls

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